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Providing offshore access to the original Woodford fund

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A focus on attractive long-term returns

  • The original Woodford fund, completely focused on delivering attractive long-term returns for investors by investing primarily in quality companies that can deliver sustainable dividend growth
  • Investors expect a positive return and that is what we aim to deliver over the long term – protecting capital is key
  • We aim to offer investors capital growth and a growing income stream, paid quarterly
  • We focus on the long term – we don’t know what will happen tomorrow but we do know what drives markets over time

An outstanding fund manager for more than 25 years

  • Neil passionately believes that successful investment involves ensuring that the companies we invest in are focused on delivering shareholder value and fulfilling their potential
  • His constant and enduring approach to investment has consistently delivered outstanding long-term performance to investors

An investment team aligned to a single goal

  • Neil is supported by a dedicated team all of whom share his approach and commitment to the goal of exceptional long-term performance for our clients
  • Three experienced fund managers work with Neil – each with a different skill set for depth of cross-market coverage
  • The fund managers are supported by three specialist analysts to help them better understand investment opportunities and performance

A proven and distinctive approach

  • We only invest when there is a compelling long-term opportunity – we will not invest in stocks just to make the fund look more like the FTSE All Share index
  • The fund will at times behave in a very different way to the overall market – we are happy to go against consensus to deliver positive long-term returns
  • We believe we can beat the market over the long-term

Why invest with us now?

  • We believe genuinely active fund management adds value for investors
  • This is never more true than in challenging economic conditions
  • Neil’s track record is testimony to his ability to make the right decisions when conditions are tricky – we believe now will ultimately prove to be another of those times

Available share classes and KIIDs

Download available share classes as a PDF

Share class Currency Hedged Acc/Inc OCF ISIN SEDOL KIID
A EUR No Acc 1.00 IE00BDD8DM49 BDD8DM4 Download
Yes Acc 1.05 IE00BD044S82 BD044S8 Download
GBP No Acc 1.00 IE00BDD8DH95 BDD8DH9 Download
No Inc 1.00 IE00BDD8DJ10 BDD8DJ1 Download
USD No Acc 1.00 IE00BDD8DR93 BDD8DR9 Download
C EUR No Acc 0.75 IE00BDD8DP79 BDD8DP7 Download
No Inc 0.75 IE00BDD8DQ86 BDD8DQ8 Download
Yes Acc 0.80 IE00BD044T99 BD044T9 Download
GBP No Acc 0.75 IE00BDD8DK25 BDD8DK2 Download
No Inc 0.75 IE00BDD8DL32 BDD8DL3 Download
USD No Acc 0.75 IE00BDD8DT18 BDD8DT1 Download
No Inc 0.75 IE00BDD8DV30 BDD8DV3 Download
Yes Inc 0.80 IE00BD9F8S05 BD9F8S0 Download
X EUR No Acc 1.50 IE00BD037X19 BD037X1 Download
No Inc 1.50 IE00BD037W02 BD037W0 Download
Yes Inc 1.55 IE00BD9F8T12 BD9F8T1 Download
GBP No Acc 1.50 IE00BD037V94 BD037V9 Download
No Inc 1.50 IE00BD037T72 BD037T7 Download
USD No Acc 1.50 IE00BD037Z33 BD037Z3 Download
No inc 1.50 IE00BD037Y26 BD037Y2 Download
Yes Inc 1.55 IE00BD038055 BD03805 Download

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The Woodford Funds (Ireland) ICAV (the “Fund”) has appointed as Swiss Representative Oligo Swiss Fund Services SA, Av. Villamont 17, 1005 Lausanne, Switzerland. The Fund’s Swiss paying agent is Neue Helvetische Bank AG. All fund documentation including, Prospectus, Key Investor Information Documents, Instrument of Incorporation and financial reports may be obtained free of charge from the Swiss Representative in Lausanne. The place of performance and jurisdiction for all shares distributed in or from Switzerland is at the registered office of the Swiss Representative. Fund prices can be found at www.fundinfo.com.

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