The new CF Woodford Income Focus Fund

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An increased focus on a high level of regular and sustainable income to meet investor demand

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The third fund from Woodford Investment Management – developed to meet the demand from our investors for a fund offering a higher level of regular and sustainable income, with no compromise on quality.

Managed by Neil Woodford but focusing his 30 years of fund management experience, skills and knowledge more closely on the pursuit of income.

Here’s what we consider to be the investment highlights of this new vehicle:

  • The fund will aim to deliver an income of 5p per share per annum, with the prospect of modest, sustainable income growth over a five-year rolling period thereafter1
  • No geographical constraints – the fund will benefit from the flexibility to invest overseas when appropriate opportunities present themselves
  • Only investing in quoted assets – unlike our other two funds, the new fund will not offer exposure to unquoted securities

Who might this fund be suitable for?

  • A wide variety of UK adult investors able to invest a lump sum or make regular payments
  • Self-directed investors capable of evaluating the risks and merits of the fund
  • Advised investors with varied levels of interest, knowledge, confidence and experience
  • Investors looking for long-term investment growth and with a minimum investment horizon of 3-5 years (and comfortable that although the funds can be withdrawn at any time, ‘instant access’ could mean having to withdraw at a time which is not optimal from a market / fund performance perspective)
  • Investing for income or total return but clear that a high, sustainable level of income is a priority of the fund managers
  • Comfortable that the value of investments in the fund can go down as well as up, that capital may be at risk and that performance varies over time and returns are not guaranteed.

Who is this fund not suitable for?

  • Any investor who does not have sufficient resources to bear any loss resulting from the investment
  • Investors who are not prepared to take any risk with their money or put their capital at risk
  • Self-directed investors who are not able to evaluate the risks and merits of the fund
  • Any investor looking for guaranteed income or total return
  • Investors who are not prepared to accept short-term volatility as there will be periods when the fund falls in value (it may be more volatile in the short term than other Woodford funds as a higher exposure to quoted securities means it will be more significantly impacted by general market volatility)
  • Investors who may be looking to withdraw their money in the shorter term (e.g. have an investment horizon of less than 3-5 years).

Neil Woodford on what investors can expect from the CF Woodford Income Focus Fund

Please note that any references to total return in this video refer to the combined components of return from capital and income and are not intended to suggest positive returns, guaranteed or otherwise, over any specified periods. As always, don’t forget to look at the ‘What are the risks’ section at the bottom of the page.


  1. Based on a launch price of 100p. Investors should be aware that the fund will not target a specific yield and there is no guarantee that any specific level of yield or income will be achieved over any given time period.

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