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We recognise that openness and transparency are key in building client understanding and we ensure that our clients get unprecedented levels of clear and relevant information about their investments, including unparalleled access to our Investment team and transparency into our portfolio construction and performance contribution.

To keep our investors informed, we are committed to providing full disclosure of the performance contribution of the Woodford Patient Capital Trust’s holdings on a quarterly basis.

Please find the performance contribution of the portfolio holdings below.

The details set out are for information purposes only. Care is taken in ensuring this is accurate as at the stated date. However, this is not guaranteed and the portfolio may change at any time and listed holdings may no longer be represented in the trust. This does not constitute investment advice or any recommendation with regard to the listed stocks.

Performance contribution – 1 year to 31 December 2016

Full portfolio contribution

StockSectorCountryStock return (%)Average weight (%)Contribution (%)
Theravance BiopharmaHealth CareUnited States155.723.082.63
Health CareUnited States-13.7611.091.94
PurplebricksFinancialsUnited Kingdom--3.591.28
Mereo BiopharmaHealth CareUnited Kingdom--2.731.21
Kymab B Pref (unquoted)Health CareUnited Kingdom--1.910.99
Oxford Nanopore (unquoted)Health CareUnited Kingdom16.254.890.88
Precision Biopsy (unquoted)Health CareUnited States66.951.350.66
Allied MindsFinancialsUnited Kingdom17.672.860.66
FinancialsUnited Kingdom20.003.040.59
Health CareUnited Kingdom15.003.930.57
Immunocore A (unquoted)Health CareUnited Kingdom7.145.660.39
Gigaclear (unquoted)TelecommunicationsUnited Kingdom22.001.700.31
Health CareUnited Kingdom6.781.760.22
Health CareUnited States19.281.090.19
FinancialsUnited Kingdom--0.870.17
AMO Pharma (unquoted)Health CareUnited Kingdom19.280.970.17
Tissue RegenixHealth CareUnited Kingdom--0.300.16
FinancialsUnited Kingdom11.111.800.15
UtilitywiseIndustrialsUnited Kingdom18.210.800.14
Thin Film ElectronicsIndustrialsNorway--0.700.13
Draper EspritFinancialsUnited Kingdom--0.420.10
Federated Wireless (unquoted)TechnologyUnited States16.440.610.10
Mafic (unquoted)IndustrialsLuxembourg--0.470.09
FinancialsUnited Kingdom10.181.010.09
Origin (unquoted)Health CareUnited States19.280.220.04
FinancialsUnited States19.280.190.03
Fibre 7 (unquoted)IndustrialsUnited Kingdom--0.020.00
Accelerated Digital Ventures A (unquoted)FinancialsUnited Kingdom0.020.00
Eve Sleep (unquoted)Consumer GoodsUnited Kingdom--0.030.00
Cambridge Innovation Capital (unquoted)FinancialsUnited Kingdom--0.090.00
Econic (unquoted)IndustrialsUnited Kingdom--0.100.00
Health CareUnited Kingdom--0.130.00
Health CareUnited Kingdom0.000.240.00
Autolus (unquoted)Health CareUnited Kingdom--0.330.00
Inivata (unquoted)Health CareUnited Kingdom0.000.400.00
Health CareUnited Kingdom--0.400.00
IndustrialsUnited Kingdom--0.680.00
FinancialsUnited Kingdom--0.690.00
Benevolent AI (unquoted)TechnologyUnited Kingdom--0.760.00
Seedrs (unquoted)FinancialsUnited Kingdom0.000.780.00
Ultrahaptics (unquoted)TechnologyUnited Kingdom--0.790.00
FinancialsUnited Kingdom--1.230.00
Drayson Technologies (unquoted)TechnologyUnited Kingdom0.001.250.00
GlaxoSmithKlineHealth CareUnited Kingdom--0.09-0.01
Sphere MedicalHealth CareUnited Kingdom-11.910.37-0.03
Halosource Reg SIndustrialsUnited Kingdom--0.12-0.08
Nexeon (unquoted)IndustrialsUnited Kingdom--0.44-0.08
Provident FinancialFinancialsUnited Kingdom--0.22-0.10
XerosIndustrialsUnited Kingdom-11.880.83-0.12
Legal & GeneralFinancialsUnited Kingdom--0.17-0.13
ReddeFinancialsUnited Kingdom--0.17-0.15
HvivoHealth CareUnited Kingdom-27.730.45-0.15
Health CareUnited Kingdom-8.941.06-0.17
IndustrialsUnited Kingdom-17.950.93-0.21
AstraZenecaHealth CareUnited Kingdom--0.44-0.22
ReNeuronHealth CareUnited Kingdom-12.501.84-0.26
Cequr (unquoted)Health CareSwitzerland-21.991.45-0.27
Evofem C (unquoted)Health CareUnited States-58.840.44-0.29
BTGHealth CareUnited Kingdom--0.70-0.31
IPFinancialsUnited Kingdom-12.781.89-0.33
RevolymerBasic MaterialsUnited Kingdom-60.510.44-0.36
AbzenaHealth CareUnited Kingdom-43.310.58-0.36
Silence TherapeuticsHealth CareUnited Kingdom-40.070.65-0.37
IndustrialsUnited Kingdom--2.15-0.40
Health CareUnited Kingdom-30.321.14-0.42
Touchstone InnovationsFinancialsUnited Kingdom-20.532.31-0.46
Health CareUnited Kingdom-10.833.05-0.55
Oxford PharmascienceHealth CareUnited Kingdom-65.950.78-0.57
Health CareUnited Kingdom-21.982.58-0.84
AlkermesHealth CareUnited States-20.361.91-1.15
Health CareUnited States-87.020.58-1.47
VernalisHealth CareUnited Kingdom-52.032.44-1.86
Kind Consumer B (unquoted)Consumer GoodsUnited Kingdom--2.29-2.01
CircassiaHealth CareUnited Kingdom-70.622.57-3.55

Source: Northern Trust

Performance contributions are calculated on a total return basis, including the impact of intra-period trading, gross of fees in sterling using closing prices. Contribution totals may therefore not match fund performance data from other data sources which may be based on midday prices, net of fees. Values do not always sum due to rounding. Stock returns can only be calculated where the position has been held by the fund for the full period. Individual securities which relate to the same holding have been aggregated together where appropriate.

Past performance is not a guide to future returns. This data is provided for information purposes only and should not be reproduced, published or disseminated in any manner. Care is taken in ensuring this is accurate as at the stated date. However, this is not guaranteed, and the portfolio may change at any time. This does not constitute investment advice or any recommendation with regard to the listed stocks.

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