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Established in 2014, Woodford Investment Management is the opportunity for Neil Woodford, one of the UK’s most highly-regarded fund managers, to distil his 30 years of experience and learning into a business founded on his own principles.

We are delighted by the support we have received from all types of investor and our assets have grown steadily since launch to £14.8bn (source Northern Trust, as at 30 June 2016).

Our business is grounded in the belief that core principles are fundamental to how we manage money and behave as a business. These principles are underpinned by a common theme – a complete focus on the long-term management of our clients’ money. Through our investment discipline and by enhancing the quality of our conversations with clients, we aim to create a long-term and sustainable investment business.

We believe that putting our clients first in all that we do is the key to a stable and successful business. It is why transparency and simplicity are vital. We want our clients to understand how their investments are being managed. This pursuit of clarity is reflected in both our communications and a commitment to regular dialogue with our clients to keep them informed.

Performance is paramount in our unwavering focus on a positive long-term return for our clients. We are not interested in short-term noise, but the credibility of an investment opportunity. Woodford Investment Management is committed to making balanced investment decisions through a disciplined, diligent and targeted approach.

Innovation is vital in building a cutting-edge business that embraces both increased regulation and a fast-moving world. Without the added burden of legacy infrastructure, we are able to make use of new technology and outsourcing models to create a dynamic environment in which fund managers can focus on managing clients’ money.

We believe that a modern business needs traditional values. We expect the highest standards of personal and professional integrity from our people. Our relationships with our clients and each other are built on open communication and mutual trust. We know we can’t control the external environment, but we can control how we conduct ourselves.

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