Mitchell Fraser-Jones

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Head of Investment Communications

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Mitchell has almost 20 years’ experience in the investment industry, with a specific focus on investment marketing and communications. At Invesco Perpetual, he was a key member of on the UK equities team, assisting Neil in articulating his investment philosophy, approach and strategy to intermediaries and institutional clients.

He is a great believer in open, honest dialogue with investors and is experienced in communicating complex financial concepts in simple and accessible terms. Mitchell feels strongly that investors are entitled to know how their investments are being managed and is committed to making sure Woodford’s clients are well informed.

Equity Income Fund update, January 2017

Mitchell Fraser-Jones 16 February 2017 4 min read

The turning of a calendar year is an important cultural event but it rarely carries such significance for financial markets.

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Patient Capital Trust update, January 2017

Mitchell Fraser-Jones 16 February 2017 7 min read

The Woodford Patient Capital Trust portfolio delivered a modestly positive return during the first month of 2017.

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Are UK equities overvalued?

Mitchell Fraser-Jones 3 February 2017 6 min read

Financial markets appear to be sending mixed signals. Ultra-low sovereign bond yields around the world imply that bond markets fear the prospect of continued economic stagnation. Meanwhile, global stock markets are near all-time highs and market leadership suggests that a reflationary economic recovery lies just round the corner. Both can’t be right but does this suggest that equities are overvalued?

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