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Another election, another surprise

Neil Woodford 9 June 2017 3 min read

So we’ve had another election and received another surprise. In all the heat and light that accompanies an unexpected political outcome, a lot of extreme conclusions have been discussed by market and media commentators. From where I’m sitting, however, economically not a lot has changed. In fact, in some respects, the outlook for the UK economy has improved…

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Neil Woodford 12 May 2017 4 min read

Over a holding period of more than fifteen years, we have consistently believed that GlaxoSmithKline was capable of delivering growth and realising shareholder value.

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Woodford Patient Capital Trust annual report

Neil Woodford 21 April 2017 8 min read

Today marks the publication of the Woodford Patient Capital Trust annual report. You can download the full report here, but below is Neil’s review of the trust’s progress in 2016. Download as a PDF We began 2016 with the money raised at the launch of WPCT fully deployed – and so the period under review

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Income Focus Fund now live

Mitchell Fraser-Jones 19 April 2017 1 min read

The offer period for the CF Woodford Income Focus Fund closed on 12 April 2017 and we can now confirm that £553m has been raised. Daily pricing of the fund has now commenced (you can find the latest price here), and Neil has been busy building the portfolio over the last few days, a process

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A great time to be investing in equities

Neil Woodford 5 April 2017 6 min read

Whilst travelling around the country recently for the launch of the Income Focus Fund, Neil has regularly been asked why this an appropriate time to be launching a new equity-based fund.

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Is cash king?

Mitchell Fraser-Jones 31 March 2017 8 min read

The saying goes, cash is king. Yet £10,000 invested in cash 10 years ago is worth £8,600 in real terms – a loss of 14%! Cash has its uses but perhaps sitting in a cash ISA for years on end isn’t one of them. Is it time to reassess your risk versus return?

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The extraordinary dividend

Neil Woodford 24 March 2017 6 min read

The dividend is often called the ordinary dividend, but there is nothing ordinary about it. There is no other piece of information that a company can give to investors, which could more accurately reflect what that business really thinks about its current state of health.

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Exploring risk and return

Mitchell Fraser-Jones 13 March 2017 9 min read

Many of you asked about the anticipated risk characteristics of the new fund and whether this a good time to be launching the fund given market levels. This article looks to address these questions and concerns.

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Budget 2017: context not content

Neil Woodford 8 March 2017 2 min read

Chancellor Hammond has been able to put away money for a rainy day because the UK economy is performing better than expected… and we believe it will continue to do so.

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Introducing the CF Woodford Income Focus Fund

Craig Newman 24 February 2017 5 min read

The CF Woodford Income Focus Fund will be available for investment from 20 March 2017, with the launch period closing at midday on 12 April 2017.

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