Kilkenomics: the Undercover Economist

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Mitchell Fraser-Jones 4 January 2017 Est. reading: 8 min read

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Welcome to our second exclusive interview from Kilkenomics 2016. Here you can watch the award-winning economic journalist, Tim Harford, in conversation with David McWilliams, discussing randomness, the shortcomings of economic forecasting and the changing impact of globalisation.

Tim is the presenter of BBC Radio 4’s ‘More for Less’, a senior FT columnist and author of several books, including ‘The Undercover Economist’, which has sold more than a million copies, and more recently ‘Messy’, which explores the creative benefits that disorder can bring to our lives.

As investors, we’ve always believed it’s important to expose ourselves to a range of views, in the process of informing our own judgements on macroeconomic factors. We don’t necessarily have to agree with all of these views but they are important inputs into the decision-making process. The beauty of Kilkenomics, the world’s only economics and comedy festival, is that you can enjoy thought-provoking discussions on the pressing issues of the day, free of jargon and in an engaging and entertaining environment. We hope you enjoy.

Next up is Paul McCulley, formerly chief economist and managing director at PIMCO – subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified as soon as it’s posted.

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  1. Brilliant, ‘actively open minded thinking’ is a brilliant term, its something every investor/economist/predictor should try to practice. Having an open mind is a must when it comes to investing. Also allowing yourself to be hypocritical and free to change your mind without feeling to proud if you’ve made a poor decision. You must be fluid and adaptable yet stick to certain personal standards in order to make god investing decisions.

    Also, I think people are using ‘immigration’ as a misguided excuse to vent their (rightful) frustrations towards the ‘establishment’ after years of neglecting their feelings and mood. Its not actually the immigrants fault, its the arrogant liberal elite leaders who have turned their cheek on general public who are really to blame, the people feel left out and isolated by the inept leaders (History just loves to repeat itself).

    This short interview clip was great. Very much appreciated.

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